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Your animal is exposed to dirt, grime, bacteria, and fungus while in the pen, during transport, in the show ring and more. Our Total Defense Shampoo uses natural ingredients to remove dirt while minimizing the depletion of natural oils. Total Defense Shampoo safely and effectively kills fungus and bacteria while leaving a clean hide ready to absorb nourishment.


Our conditioners are designed to replace the oils and nutrients lost in cleansing. Each product focuses on revitalizing the skin and hair condition, while optimizing the desired hair and skin qualities for championship results.


It's not surprising that animals are exposed to countless forms of bacteria and fungus. We have designed Prevent as a protective spray to effectively kill bacteria and fungus.

Our Products

We are Champions Proven Choice in Defense. Our portfolio of products is designed to cleanse, condition, and protect. We offer innovative products for everyday use that enhance the look of your animals. Our products are made with plant extracts, natural microbes and essential oils for fungal and bacterial protection.

D.F. Crosley History

Since 1994 D.F. Crosley’s has worked with livestock exhibitors across the country, serving those showing horses, cattle, hogs, goats and sheep. Through our years of experience and thousands of animals treated, we have perfected the leading products in Infection Protection and Championship Grooming. 

Founded by David Crosley, D.F. Crosley’s is driven toward pioneering strategies focused on prevention. David specializes in developing environmentally sound and exceptionally effective formulas that are designed to maintain the health of people and animals. 

Today’s evolutionary products have been defined by species specific chemistry using nature’s own essential oils and health inducing ingredients.

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