About D.F. Crosley - DF Crosley's
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Why D.F. Crosley’s?


We’re Specialists:


We offer only innovative special purpose products for everyday use that enhance the look of your animals plus provide protection for your animals.

We include ingredients formulated with natural antimicrobials for fungal and bacterial protection for skin and hooves.

We are the leader in effective innovative dual performance products.


We Test What We Sell


Since 1994 D F Crosley’s has worked with farmers across the country raising and showing horses, cattle, hogs, goats and sheep at farms large and small. We have used experiences from thousands of animals to determine the best and safest products available for your animal.


We Support What We Sell:


We stand behind every bottle we sell and are happy to help you solve your problems. Contact us with any question or concern and we will use our experiences and knowledge to meet your needs.


About David Crosley


Formulator | Entrepreneur | Business Owner | Innovator 

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”31″ down=”19″][vc_column_text]     David F Crosley is an experienced formulary chemist, known for building businesses based on environmentally sound technologies.  Born and raised in Indiana, David became a student athlete at Arkansas State University graduating in 1964 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Chemistry. Upon graduation, David completed active and reserve service as a Medical Service Corps Army officer.


     David worked initially in industrial processing and chemical manufacturing as a formulary chemist. David recognized the opportunities of change and innovation when America turned an environmental corner in 1970. The E.P. A. established new guide lines to reduce air and water pollution.


     Using entrepreneurial insight and formulary experience, David founded his first company Challenge Inc.  David introduced a process incorporating polymer barrier coatings to replace solvents that became an EPA recognized BACT (Best Available Control Technology) for decorative painting. As a result, Challenge lead the way to eliminate over twenty million pounds of VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds Solvents) from entering the environment annually in the automotive industry. 


     Over the years dozens of additional environmentally impactful technologies were introduced in metal surface treatment including innovations in corrosion protection, non-chrome polymer seal rinses and phosphate free conversion coatings for metal pretreatments prior to paint. David’s environmental efforts carried over to the health of dairy cattle.


     In 1994, David pioneered the use of patented safe acids as a chelant for Copper and Zinc ion antimicrobials used to foot bathe dairy cattle to control hairy hoof wart and foot rot. The technology reduced copper and/or zinc material by 80% while still successfully killing and controlling many forms of bacteria and fungus.


     D F Crosleys today continues with pioneering strategies focused on prevention. David continues to develop environmentally sound and exceptionally effective formulas that use natural antimicrobial plant extracts to keep people and animals healthy.


     The world is facing an increasingly drug-resistant environment where 70% of the antibiotics used in the US are consumed in livestock industry. Science and farmers are now looking to natural and essential oils as an effective way to control bacteria and fungus. D F Crosley is leading the industry with blends that are environmentally sound and proven to control infestations across multiple species.


     Our innovative formulas are developed in the lab and extensively field tested. D F Crosley’s prevention strategies and tools protect skin and hooves with proven plant extracts and antimicrobial natural essential oils that are environmentally sustainable natural ingredients.